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23rd Jul 2018

PIC: Flight Forced To Turn Back Towards Ireland Due To “Medical Emergency”

Darragh Berry

Delta Airlines has confirmed that one of its flights was forced to head back towards Ireland in order to make an emergency diversion.

The flight, DL31, was heading from London Heathrow to Atlanta when it was forced to make its way to Shannon Airport because of a reported “medical emergency” on board.

It had just gone past Ireland when the decision was made to turn around after taking off from the English capital shortly after 1pm.

Delta are saying that the aircraft will remain at Shannon on Monday night and will head for Atlanta on Tuesday.

The airline is currently dealing with queries on its Twitter account but has assured people that meals and somewhere to stay will provided to passengers through the next few hours.

This comes just a couple of days after a Dublin flight to America was forced to make an emergency u-turn back to the capital.

The call was made over fears that the plane had collided with something as it took off.