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Ditch The Jacket – Temperatures Will Reach 21 Degrees This Weekend

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Start making plans for the weekend and because the sun will be out in force.

Met Éireann is forecasting that temperatures will rise to 21 degrees on Saturday, with ‘good dry spells’ developing throughout the afternoon. It will be ‘quite warm in any bright spells with maximum temperatures of 16 to 21 Celsius.’ A bit cooler on the Atlantic coast, mind, where there will be ‘persistent rain’ overnight.

On Sunday, ‘outbreaks of rain in the early morning will clear from the west and most of Sunday will be bright, with sunny spells developing and just a few scattered showers.’ It will be ‘quite windy, especially in the northwest’ with maximum temperatures of 18 degrees.

Before all that, Thursday and Friday will be mainly dry with scattered showers. There is some bad news as early indications for next week suggest ‘unsettled weather.’

A more detailed outlook for the coming days can be found here.

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