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14th Aug 2018

Dogs Trust Are Looking For Puppies To Take Part In A Groundbreaking Study


A new research project called ‘Generation Pup’ has been launched in an effort to further understand our beloved canine companions.

The study is recruiting Irish puppies of 16 weeks of age or less and of any breed or cross breed to sign up.

The ‘birth cohort study’ will be conducted by researchers at Dogs Trust and The University of Bristol and is modelled on the well-known “‘Children of the 90’s study’ which had a massive impact on knowledge about child development, health and disease and informed many aspects of public health policy.

This research is essential to better understand how and why problems develop, so we can prevent and treat injuries, disease, or behaviour problems which impact their wellbeing.

Executive Director at Dogs Trust, Suzie Carley said, “We are absolutely thrilled that Generation Pup is extending to puppy owners who live in the Republic of Ireland. This invaluable research will tell us so much more about our beloved canine companions, from behaviour issues to illness, and will give us a better understanding of the external factors that may dictate their entire lives. Not only will this study deliver vital insights on our dogs’ development from an early age but the results could pave the way for effective preventative measures to be put in place, or lead to new approaches for therapy or treatment for our dogs.”

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can sign up here.

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