X-Rated Footage Circulating Heavily Online Shows How Wild 'Donegal Tuesday' Got In Galway City

Rag week is in full swing

Donegal Tuesday Galway

Galway Rag Week has been unofficial for many years now but students still carry on the traditions of old.

One of those traditions is 'Donegal Tuesday'.

There's no need to get technical about this tradition because it's fairly straight forward.

Much like how the Mean Girls only wear pink on Wednesdays, people wear Donegal jerseys on the Tuesday of Rag Week and queue for a pub called 'The Hole In The Wall' as early as 6am that morning.

The places does be jammers all day with the queue getting longer and longer as the day goes on.

As you can imagine, the first people in that queue would have had a very long and messy day and this can lead to a messy night out in Galway...

As well as this, video footage of a couple performing a sex act in a phone box in the city has began to circulate heavily on Social Media.

Various different videos of the same incident have been going around and at one stage, the door of the phonebox opens to the public.

Donegal Tuesday Galway 1

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