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20th Jan 2022

Earlier lifting of restrictions possible as Taoiseach says we’re ‘entering into a new phase’

Fiona Frawley

Close up shot of Micheál Martin

We could be looking forward to an easing of restrictions as early as next week.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio 1 this morning, Taoiseach Micheál Martin sounded hopeful in terms of an easing of restrictions as the Covid situation in Ireland has improved.

We have come through Omicron better than we might have expected prior to Christmas. The combination of the booster campaign and vaccinations allied with the fact Omicron does not seem to be as viral as Delta and previous waves has meant that the impact on people in terms of severe illness, death and ICUs has been much less. 

He thanked the people of Ireland for the manner in which they’ve adapted through the Delta and Omicron waves to enable us to manage and control its impact ” and added that while Covid isn’t going away,we are into a new phase of it“. 

In terms of a Government announcement following NPHET’s meeting which is scheduled to happen today, Martin said:

I hope to be in a position tomorrow evening to give a comprehensive clear position in terms of the lifting of restrictions. 

Preventative measures such as the wearing of masks and Covid certs being required for travel are expected to remain in place.

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