Experts Say These Are The Three Questions You Need To Ask Before Leaving A Job Interview

It's the one part we all dread...

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It's the one question we all dread when we are interviewed for a job. Everything's gone fine, you've made a good impression and then bam...

"So... do you have any questions?"

Mind goes blank, body tenses up and a whole load of random words start falling out of your mouth. Well done. You've blown everything.

Fear no more because this video featured in TIME outlines the three questions you should ask before leaving a job interview. 

So there you have it.

1) Ask about  the culture of the company 

Finding about about the day to day culture of the company will help you decide if the role is a good fit. 

2) Ask about what a typical day at the company is like 

Most employers will have given you the bigger picture but asking about daily responsibilities will let you to get a real feel for the job. 

3) Asking about the next steps in the interview process. 

This shows you are eager to move forward with the process and allow you to gauge a suitable time to follow up with the company. 

Any questions?

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