This Small Change To Irish Turkeys Is Going To Make Your Christmas Dinner Even Better This Year

Buzzing even more so for the 25th now


We complain about bingeing on Turkey and getting fat at Christmas each year, even though we're consuming possibly the leanest meat known to man.

The preparation that goes into a Christmas dinner is phenomenal. It's blood, sweat and tears and the dinner that should bring everyone together, is normally the reason that everybody falls out.

And if you're dreading the lead up to this year's Christmas dinner, fear not because this news is going to have you absolutely buzzing.

The Meath Chronicle is saying that turkeys in Ireland are going to be even fatter this year meaning that there's going to be more on everyone's plate on the 25th December.

RTE’s Ear to the Ground presenter and farmer Darragh McCullough said that the higher temperatures in Ireland this year means turkeys didn't use as much energy or fat as they normally would have.

“The mild temperatures ensured they weren’t cold and so didn’t use energy or fat keeping themselves warm, so they are about one and a half pound heavier this year.”

Another farmer noted that this year, most of his free-range turkeys were putting on weight, even when they weren't eating.

“It was then I realised that it wasn’t the amount of food but the weather that was affecting the weight.

“The turkeys aren’t using calories to keep themselves warm and so are weighing heavier as it’s been very mild up until now."

We'll get another 4 sandwiches out of these extras so.

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