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20th Dec 2016

11 Of The Funniest Tweets From Over The Past Week


Want to restore your faith in humanity? Join Twitter.

While it may be filled with fame-hungry heathens as well as self-promoting politicians, it’s also filled with some of the most intelligently humorous people known to man.

And we know, ’cause we’ve found some. Just see for yourself…

1. The constant struggle with @Cameron__c

2. When worlds collide with @QueerDiscOx

3. Shut up and take my money with @AbeBroman

4. Werewolf vibes with @ScauldySpears

5. The real questions with @Tanya_Chen

6. Stick to what you know with @Fat_Jalbert

7. Sacrebleu with @clommy

8. Poetry in motion with @eilisssssss

9. Politics with @MermaidMinge

10. English lessons with @giles_fraser

11. Current affairs with @SouthernHomo

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