11 Just Awful Things Boys Presently Wear That We Are Just Not Questioning

How have we let this happen?

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Every so often, trends come around that make us want to crawl into a hole and forget that someone actually thinks that parachute pants are acceptable work wear. 

Note: Parachute pants are never acceptable work wear.

Anyway, it seems that we (the people of the world) have allowed today's current trends to breeze by while we were busier doing something else, and it would appear that no one really paid any attention to them, i.e. calling them out for the monstrosities that they are - until now.


1. Teeny tiny short shorts

When was this cleared by us?

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Photo cred: Sodahead

2. Jack & Jones' terrible jeans

Still with the Jack & Jones...

Stan Osaka Charc 1 Double

Photo cred: Ebay

3. 'Barely there' wife beaters

In what world.
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Photo cred: Reddit

4. Painfully tight jeans

Note: That's painful for you, and us.

Conan Jeggings

5. Hawaiian shirts

Come on guys, you're better than that.


Please say you're better than that.

Cheap Hawaiian Shirts Large

6. Runners that look like they've landed from space

Huaraches, we're looking at you.
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7. Snapbacks with shite logos

What the fuck is this?


Photo cred: Pinterest

8. Dodgy cardis


Summer Cardigan In Bright Yellow

9. Anything weed orientated

Good God no.

Stoner Yoda Star Wars Sweater

Photo cred: www.thehighershop.com

10. Brightly coloured neon runners

You look like Minnie.

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11. And finally, the deepest of V necks

Oh God, what have we done...

Fyta Arcde Triomphe Deep Vneck Tshirt

Photo cred: Pinterest

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