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09th Jul 2017

12 Things We’ll Never Miss About Being A Teenager

Rebecca Stafford

Everybody talks about how your teen years are the best of your life… but are they really? 

We look back (in horror) on 12 things we are SO GLAD we never have to experience again. 

Or at least y’know, not as much of…

1. Body changes

Nothing says ‘ew’ like going through the awkward stage of growing hair in places the sun don’t shine.

It just sprouts from everywhere.

2. Sweating

Oh God, don’t get us started on sweating. 

The constant carrying around of deodorant or body spray, and oh no – the sweat patches *shudders*

3. Having no money

Imagine only living off birthday money and the money your grandparents give you the odd time you see them? Treating yo’ self has to wait.

4. Non-uniform days

Okay so, imagine the horror of still trying to find your style and being hit with a non-uniform day, and then the stress in the morning trying to find something that you won’t get killed for and that you won’t get slagged for. 


5. Hormones

Nothing says ‘crazy teen hormones’ like having a breakdown over basically nothing one second and being completely fine next. 

6. Nokia phones

One thing we definitely don’t miss is those huge Nokia phones that we thought were the coolest things ever, thank god we upgraded.

Kindaaaa miss that eternal battery life though…

7. Getting grounded

Breaking rules are fun but do you know what isn’t fun? 

Getting caught and getting grounded which for most means being put under house arrest and no communication with the outside world.

8. Peer pressure

Something they constantly warned you about in school but didn’t help, all teens just wanna fit in and something I know nobody misses is being pressured into doing stuff they don’t wanna do. 

9. Relationship & sex education talks

Nothing was more awkward than the dreaded RSE talks with some old man or woman that look like their having a midlife crisis.

10. Acne

No matter how healthy you ate, how much water you drank or how often you washed your face there was no way of getting rid of these suckers during teen years.

11. No privacy

Back when everybody in your family (sorry Granny) knew you got caught drinking and that’s why you were grounded, or just being forced to share a room, not having privacy is something nobody wants.

12. Teen drama

Oh god, the shade the beef, who could forget those big fights you had with your closest friends over literally nothing.

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