12 Things You Never Thought You Could Do With Tayto

Including garnishing tips, marinating and professing your love

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Ah Tayto, the finest purveyor of foods in all of the world.

Nowadays, there's a flavour to suit everybody. But who knew they were so incredibly versatile?


Read on.

1. Make a wedding cake

We know, we know.

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2. Garnish a pasta bake

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3. Douse yourself in it

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4. Woo a maiden

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5. Feed your wedding guests

What is it with Tayto and weddings?!

6. Dip them in chocolate

Don't knock it.

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7. Marinate your roast

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8. Make onion ring batter

And therefore make onion rings better.

The 70s were a better time. 

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9. Use them to transport ice-cream to your mouth

Listen, if it works. 

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10. Sprinkle over your barbecued meat

Let that salt seep in.

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11. Profess your love 

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12. And finally, trap your cat*

*Please, do not try this at home.

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