12 Tweets That Show That Irish Mammies Are The Best Things In The World

"I'm starting to think my mother has orchestrated the downfall of the British government in order to get me to move back home"


We Irish have a lot to be thankful for. A neutral country, a generally sound population, and 40 shades of green. But the thing that really makes Ireland hard to leave is the humble Irish mammy. 

They feed us, clothe us, and love us even when we're being incredibly annoying. A mammoth task to say the least. 

We turned to the good people of Twitter to help us describe what exactly makes mother our dearest.

1. This sound piece of advice

2. The ways they show you that you're always a child to them

3. This serious case of international love

4. The reminder that tough love is real love

5. Keeping you clean by any means necessary

6. For they hold the key to economic greatness

7. The stress of letting you down is almost too much

8. They keep your moral compass pointing straight

Even when you don't want it to. 

9. They'll rid you of notions fairly lively

10. They're the international ambassadors for real talk

11. They're as patriotic as they come

12. And they won't let anybody stand in their way

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Kate Demolder

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