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20th Dec 2016

13 Moments From Euro 2016 – On And Off The Pitch – That Will Make Us Forever Proud To Be Irish


Well, it had to end at some stage.

But what a fortnight it was – and certainly one that we will never, ever forget.

Irish fans, Irish players, take a bow: you’ve done your country seriously proud.

1. The singing from an open-top bus that set the tone for what was to come

2. Dancing with the Swedes both to ABBA…

And just for the damn hell of it

3. But also scoring this stormer against them

Which put an end to our worst fear of all: Euro 2016 would be a damp squib like our last major tournament.

4. The car tyre incident

Amid all the acts of kindness, this seems to have been the one that captured the world more than any other.

Pure class.

5. And dancing to Westlife

But of course.

6. Taking the party to Bordeaux

7. And singing this baby to sleep

At which point we asked: is this some sort of parody?

8. This tune, that you feel has a very bright future in Irish football folklore


9. THAT moment from Robbie Brady

A ‘where-were-you-when?’ moment for the ages.

All the better in Arabic.

10. And this picture…

11. Breaking into a full-on trad session on a Ryanair flight

12. The hope that killed us: Robbie’s penalty that gave us a dream start against France

13. And finally – wrapping it all up in style, as the full-time whistle blew

What a fortnight. 

We’ll never forget it.