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18th Jun 2017

17 Photos Showcasing Just How Absolutely Beautiful Glendalough Really Is


If Wicklow is the Garden of Ireland, then surely Glendalough is that painfully expensive water feature your mum got installed in the back one time. 

A favourite with locals and tourists alike, Glendalough is a place where dreams seem to come true and mythical creatures reside. No big deal, like. 

As you can see, we’re pretty big fans, and so will you be, in 17 pictures time or so…

1. Views look like this…

2. Flowing water like that…

Shutterstock 271965692

3. Reflections in the lake are better than most mirrors

Shutterstock 136373459

4. Where reality looks a bit like a dream

Wait, is this a dream? Are we dreaming?

Shutterstock 286521554

5. And fog looks mystical rather than annoying

We’re definitely, definitely dreaming.

6. And even a scene with a weedy pond looks like it could change your life

What is this sorcery?

Shutterstock 373463851

7. And the average scenic view looks like something out of Harry Potter

Patronus, where you at?


8. And snow is dreamy and fun, as opposed to awful and grim

Think snow is limiting? 

Think again.

Shutterstock 69320353

9. Rainbows here are Carebear-worthy

10. Pictures taken here are postcard-worthy

11. And views here put The Lord of The Rings to shame

12. Because colours never looked so colourful 

Except when you’re here. 

13. But grey also looks good too

What a photogenic glacial valley.

Shutterstock 69320347

14. This is the ‘Well Worn Path’

Imagine what the shiny, new, pristine path looks like…

15. Not to mention, here you can put your Junior Cert Geography knowledge to good use

U-shaped valleys FTW.

16. Here’s what the locals look like

Good-looking bunch.

17. And finally, this is what it looks like from afar

Unbelievable. How bloody lucky are we?

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