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20th Dec 2016

18 Tweets About The CAO That Will Make You Feel Things


The CAO rounds off a year-long state of panic for those who have just finished the Leaving Cert. Tears, hugs and texts from Granny should be expected throughout the day, along with a side of relief, exhaustion and stationery shopping.

But whether you’re cheering or weeping today, there’s a lot to think about. We feel these thoughts were best expressed via the people of Twitter, i.e. the demi-Gods of our nation.

Read on for comfort, kindness and the personal touch.

1. Remember not to panic

Even though your body is shaking with feelings.

2. Everything will (eventually) fall into place

3. Hard chancing pays off

4. Remembering that life goes on

5. And there are ways around everything

6. Plan Bs exist

And are often much more appealing.

7. But sometimes Plan As can be the best things in the world

8. And honesty is always the best policy anyway

9. But just because you’re not happy right now

Doesn’t mean you won’t be happy forever.

10. And minding yourself, regardless of outcome, is always important

11. Not to forget the important facts

12. What’s for you won’t pass you

13. You do you

14. You’re all deadly for even getting through the whole ordeal

15. So celebrate coming out the other side in one piece, regardless of points

Because it ain’t easy.

16. Thank those who helped you along the way

17. So dry your eyes kids, the whole world is yours for the taking

18. And that if the worst comes to the worst, chicken always has your back

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