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20 Things That Happen When You Move In With Your Other Half

By conorcoyle

February 3, 2017 at 5:25pm


So you've passed that threshold in your relationship where you finally make The Big Step. 

No, not the one where you're entirely comfortable eating their leftovers after dinner.

Moving in with your other half can be a time of great excitement, and a great expression of your love for each other. Until you realise they have some of the most annoying habits known in human existence. 

Here's some things you will instantly realise if you've made the daunting step of moving in with your better half.

1. Constant arguments about housework

"But I washed the dishes LAST week."

2. All conversations revolve around food

Spagbol again tonight is it?

3. Netflix becomes your third wheel

Even though you can never agree on what to watch.

4. You concoct the most amazing drunk food after a night out

"You know what would be unreal with this pizza? A second pizza."

5. You promise not to stop going out with your other friends

Until you fall asleep on the sofa when you get home on Friday after work.

6. The highlight of your weeknights is the trip to the shop to get sweets

How much for a penny chew?

7. You will find hair clips in places where you didn't think it was possible to find hair clips

Why does she have so many?

8. You take turns ignoring the electricity bill

Someone will pay it, eventually.

9. It's game on when the alarm goes to see who gets in the shower first

Let the best man or woman win.

10. The nightly battle to steal inches off their side of the bed

It's a game of inches – bring it on. 

11. When they don't come back at the scheduled time you just presume they've died or ran for their lives

"She said she'd be home TEN minutes ago."

12. You have a detailed map of every takeaway that's close by

And the pizzeria on speed dial.

13. The weekly trip to the supermarket could well be the death of this relationship

Yeah but we already have half a bag of rice!

14. Differences must be resolved before both parties fall asleep

If not, tomorrow is gonna be hella awkward.

15. You realise how much gals love candles

What is the actual point?

16. Mondays become the mutually agreed "let's turn our life around day"

We're definitely not going out next weekend.

17. Sundays become the mutually agreed "Domino's in bed day"

The fear.

18) Remember that 50/50 wardrobe split you agreed to? 

It ain't happenin'.

19. She has more toiletries than are necessary for a small city

Soap and - at a push - shampoo are all you need surely?

20. Farts are suddenly the funniest thing that either of you can think of

It's a natural part of life.

Home, sweet home. 

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