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10th Feb 2017

5 DIY Beauty Hacks That You Should Definitely Try At Home This Weekend


Having a dedicated beauty regime is paramount, but obviously some of those products can be seriously expensive and put a lot of strain on your pocket.

So, what if you could achieve the same effect with the stuff that you can find around your house?

Some DIY beauty myths throughout the years have been exactly that – myths, so we decided to sit down and figure out what works, and what doesn’t!

We’ve compiled a list of DIY beauty tips that you can easily recreate at home and have you looking and feeling better in no time at all.

For clearer skin

The people of tinsel town are mad about this ridiculously easy (and sorta obvious) beauty hack. 

Cameron Diaz swears by drinking a large bottle of water after you have brushed your teeth in the morning. She says that every night before she goes to sleep, she fills up a large glass bottle of water and leaves it beside her toothbrush for the morning. Once she has brushed her teeth, she drinks the entire bottle to replace all the liquid she lost whilst sleeping.

Drinking water first thing in the morning has been proven to help wake you up and to plump up your cells to make you look more alert. If it makes us look even a little more like Cameron Diaz, we’re game!

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Whiter Teeth

We all want whiter than white teeth but how do you achieve it? There are a few home remedies you can try.

Strawberries – Mashing up some strawberries and brushing your teeth with the paste can whiten your teeth. The natural acids are great at getting rid of red wine, coffee and tea stains. Don’t use it too often though, as the acids could damage your teeth with overuse.

Banana peel – The inside of a banana peel is high in vitamins and nutrients, and when you rub the peel on your teeth, the enamel absorbs the nutrients making the tooth stronger and whiter.

Baking soda and a drop of lemon juice – Watch out for this one as it isn’t the tastiest of methods but it is probably the fastest. Create a paste with the baking soda and a tiny amount of lemon juice. Get out your tooth brush and brush the paste into your teeth, allowing it to sit on the teeth for a while. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly.

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Nail Varnish Stains 

Lemon peel can remove the stubborn nail polish stains left on your nails and fingers after you use a dark nail polish.

If you have really stubborn stains, you can try and soak your finger tips in lemon juice. Just make sure you don’t have any cuts first – ouch!

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If you haven’t the time to buy expensive exfoliators, use an orange. The high vitamin content makes it a perfect exfoliator. Just cut an orange in half and use some elbow grease.

Another great whole body exfoliator is honey and brown sugar, just mix the two together and scrub away!

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Actress Blake Lively rubs mayonnaise into her hair before her shower, starting a few inches down from the root, to the tip. The mayonnaise apparently protects her hair from the shampoos, which wash away all the natural oils and nutrients that make your hair healthy and shiny.

Blake does have gorgeous hair so there may well be something to this one!

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This article originally appeared on Littlewoods Ireland Blog.