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10 Reasons You Should Just Say ‘F*ck It’ And Knock Off Work Early

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1. First of all, it’s International ‘Leave The Office Early’ Day

Click here if you don’t believe us. Need we say more?

2. Look at the feckin’ weather 

It could be miserable all weekend. Make the most of it. 

3. Those beer garden pints won’t drink themselves

Get them while they’re cold…

4. You need to get a seat by the bar

Pubs will be JAMMERS by 6.

5. Because the office has been empty since 12

Where the f*ck is everyone?

6. Because Friday

Need we say more?

7. Also, it’s Bank Holiday Friday 

8. Food poisoning

It must have been that lunch you had?

9. The kids!

“OMG, someone has to collect the kids…”

“You don’t have…”

*door slams*

10. Because ‘F.T.S o’clock’ comes earlier on sunny days

F*ck this shit, I’m going home.

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