#BrexitInFiveWords Is A Twitter Treasure Trove – Here Are 15 Of The Very Best

"Makes Trump look like Ghandi"... ehhh guys?


People are continuing to give their two cents on Britain's decision to leave the EU using #BrexitInFiveWords. 

It's been used thousands of times in the last 24 hours, and the tweets vary between the interesting, terrifying and morbidly hilarious. 


1. The plea

2. The resignation

3. The friendly warning

4. The realisation

5. The shrug

6. The philosophical

7. The *slight* overreaction

8. The denial

9. The startling truth

10. The oops

11. The Eton mess

12. The 'be grand'

13. The panic

14. The contrast

15. And finally... the review of options


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