Everyone's Going Mad For This Bloody GORGEOUS 'Bedtime Stories' Irish Tourism Ad


Some ads, you just want to watch.

The ones that will make you unmute the telly, or stop fast-forwarding through programmes you've recorded – the ones that make you almost excited for the breaks, rather than dreading them.

And this effort from Fáilte Ireland, which has been on the airwaves just over a fortnight, is one of those ads.

Focused on Ireland's Ancient East, and set beautifully to Conor O'Brien's unplugged version of 'That Day' from Live at RAK, the 30-second cut has charmed TV audiences everywhere.

The 90-second version will leave you even more enraptured – and it's also a solid reminder of how much history, folklore and magic we boast on this little island of ours.

Fair play.

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan