Every Pale Gal Will Relate To This Struggle

Porcelain, Warm Ivory, Ivory, Sand, Sand Beige, Beige and Natural...

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If you are a pashty, milk-skinned, pale gal – then you will really relate to this struggle.

NC15 life...

It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find foundations that actually match pale skin. There is nothing worse than buying the palest shade available, only to find that it is actually an off-candyfloss pink shade when you slather it on. 


The only thing worse than the dodgy foundation shades, is having to blend foundation all the way down your neck and your chest. Or just wear a massive scarf to cover your hideous foundation line. 

Where's the 'white', 'ghost' or 'vampire' shades at?

Gals with dark skin will also relate to this problem, most foundation brands will have a plethora of 'shell', 'sand' and 'ivory' skin tone shades, with only one dark option. 

Where the diversity at?

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