Girls Stars Strip Down For Unretouched Underwear Campaign

Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke star in the empowering images

Lena Dunham Jemima Kirke Girls

Girls stars Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke have starred in an empowering campaign for Lonely lingerie, a New Zealand based underwear label as part of The Lonely Girls Project.

It's a photography series designed to show ordinary, non-models in their sheer, lacy underwear – unretouched and un-"perfected".

Lena Dunham Jemima Kirke Girls 2

The duo are pictured, as they are in Girls; entirely unselfconsciously chatting to each other in the bathroom, in their underwear. Y'know: standard.

Of the project, Lonely lingerie said:

Each of the women who participate in this project is empowered because they are not objectified; they are part of a conversation that disrupts paradigms around the way lingerie is typically presented. Giving a glimpse into their worlds, we hope, amplifies this conversation and makes us all feel a little more liberated and comfortable in our own underwear.

Lena Dunham Jemima Kirke Girls 1

The pics are part of Lonely's latest photographic series, which launches next week – and we can't think of a better poster girl than Dunham, who's always been more than candid about her body, not shying away from stripping down for scenes in Girls and on her own social media channels.

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