Here Is Actual Proof That Paul O'Connell Is The Soundest Man Alive

As if we needed more convincing?


Paul O'Connell is a legend here in Ireland and abroad, and nobody disputes it.

But every now and again he drops us a little reminder that he is the soundest lad out there.

When he retired from rugby, a nation collectively wept, and he left the pitch with the full weight of the nation's respect and pride on his shoulders.

Last night, he adorned the couch of The Late Late Show, and showed us all what a class act he really is.

And judging by your tweets, you absolutely loved his appearance!

A true legend if ever there was one!

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Louise Donnery

Louise is a writer here at She is a Dublin gal, born and raised, lives nearly entirely on a diet of tapas and can be regularly spotted in popular watering holes around Dublin city.