'It's 1-0 To Ireland, Nobody Can Believe It' – Second Captains On The Game That Might Have Been

Let's dream of the game we were denied

There's no denying that Ireland were completely outclassed by Belgium in yesterday's whomping – or that the 3-0 scoreline was perfectly reflective of the gap in quality between the two teams.

But equally, there's no denying that we were victim to some baffling refereeing decisions. And one, in particular, could have sent the game off in an entirely different direction.

In this clip from Second Captains, Ken Early indulges in the dangerous but tempting task of exploring what might have been.

It's scant consolation, and doesn't make our battle against the Italians any less daunting – but it is a welcome reminder that, sometimes, these games can be defined by fortune rather than quality.

Start around the nine-minute mark, and follow Second Captains on Twitter here.

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan