Just 12 Tweets About Jamie Dornan's Shower Scene In The Fall Last Night

I'm watching The Fall on mute just cos Jamie Dornan

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If any of you had the pleasure of watching The Fall last night, or if you happened to be logged into Twitter at the time - you will 100% have heard of the pretty steamy shower scene Jamie Dornan found himself in.

And, it goes without saying, that this scene went down a treat with viewers of all description. 

We rounded up just a few to show you just how much the people love Jamie Dornan.

And, man, the people love Jamie Dornan. 

1. Sheer appreciation

2. This method of attempting to heighten senses

3. The inquisitive neighbour

4. Rearranging priorities

5. There's always one...

6. Utter joy and happiness

7. Ashes to ashes

8. Asking the important questions

9. Chilled out spooky vibes

10. Love, love, love

11. And even though it may have been almost too much for some viewers...

12. We can always fall back on the more articulate of us to get the words out...

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