Lidl Lands In Hot Water Over How It's Packaging Its 'Irish' Fish

Frozen and flown across the world, then branded as Irish?

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Supermarkets in Ireland seem to be hell bent on proving how Irish they are at the moment – but one has landed itself in a bit of bother today, thanks to a post that is gaining huge attention on Facebook.

Lidl Ireland has been called out by Irish Facebook user Joe Kirwan on the packaging and branding of their fish products – and people are up in arms.

The post has been shared over 4,000 times, while Lidl has been responding with detailed information about their practices. 

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In a response to the post, the supermarket said:

"We've heard back from our buyer on this & can confirm that this particular product's origin is Chile & it is packaged in Ireland. We would stress that our labeling is of course fully compliant with EU regulations."

They added: "We also stock Irish Organic Salmon (220g) for €5.79 in stores if this is of interest to you."

Following that, in a later message, they insisted that their food is safe to eat:

"Due to supply issues we have previously sourced our salmon from Chile but we can assure you that all of our products undergo extensive testing to ensure that they are safe to consume."

It seems there are no laws being broken here, but when you look at the packaging – which we pictured, below – you can see understand why some shoppers feel somewhat misled.

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