Look Who's Paying A Visit To Ireland Later This Month

And he's clashing with another visitor while he's here...


Well this should be fun.

Donald Trump will be paying a visit to Ireland this month – and his visit is clashing with US Vice President Joe Biden.

Having effectively secured the Republican nomination, The Donald seems to be taking a bit of a sos beag before launching himself into the General Election in November.

And while his UK visit has attracted a lot of attention over the past few days – particularly after 500,000 signed a petition in an attempt to halt his entry – he only announced the news of the Irish visit last night.

Of course, the last time he was here, he had a red carpet rolled out and was greeted off his plane by Finance Minister Michael Noonan.

But given Taoiseach Enda Kenny called his campaign "racist and dangerous" in the Dáil this week, it's probably likely to be a one-time thing.

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan