16 Memories All Irish People Have Of Going On Family Holidays As Kids

School's out for summer...

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Booking a holiday can be a stressful experience as most of you know. But imagine having to book for at least four people, choose a place to stay, decide on activities, pay for pretty much everything and make sure everyone stays out of trouble.

That's exactly what all our folks had to do whenever we went off on our holliers somewhere foreign. Of course, we appreciated every moment and didn't throw tantrums or fight with our siblings for two weeks straight. 

Let's take a few moments to relive the childhood family holiday, when life was a bit easier for us.

1. Getting woken up in the middle of the night to go to the airport

What's 4am?

2. Fighting over seats in the car

Before even getting to the airport.

3. Making a new friend on the plane 

Friends fo' life, yo.

4. Asking are 'we there yet?' constantly

We were asking for a smack. 

5. Your folks bringing a heap of teabags with them


6. Hating the milk 

And the cereal wasn't much better. 

7. Your family making friends with another family 

Who become your 'holiday cousins'. 

8. Playing shitloads of pool 

You could give Ronnie O'Sullivan a game by the end of it. 

9. Getting up early to grab all the inflatable pool toys 

This lilo is mine. 

10. Locals staring and sniggering at your pale Irish family 

Don't look at us. 

11. Going to a water park

Usually the highlight of the trip. 

12. Someone always got buried in the sand on the beach 

Usually dad. 

13. Getting absolutely caked in suncream

Usually by mam. 

14. Your dad sitting in the sun for about 20 seconds before going back inside

He couldn't hack it. 

15. Watching foreign cartoons

And not knowing what was going on. 

16. Finally, seeing someone you barely know from school and being awkward

Oh no. 

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