The 12 Funniest Worldwide Tweets From The Last Week

"If you do really well at a self checkout you should be allowed to put your initials on a high score table"

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So recently, we've started picking out some of the best and funniest tweets the world over to make you laugh during your long days hard at the grind. 

So, sit back, relax and cackle a bit.

You guys are making our jobs easy...

1. Boundaries with @QueerDiscOx

2. Life is a competition with @kerihw

3. Get with the times with @teletextpage152

4. Terms and conditions apply with @PersianRose1

5. Sorry, what? with @mcclure111

6. Real talk with @hippieswordfish

7. Rise 'n' sleigh with @badmoodring

8. Childhood innocence with @mattround

9. Never say never with @socratesadams

10. Funny that with @paulsinha

11. The 'jokeweet' with @ChrisHewitt

12. Lost in translation with @MooseAllain

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