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20th Dec 2016

Here Are Our Current Top 7 Irish Go-Getters


Irish people are killing it at the minute.

Even though we’re a teeny tiny country, the percentage of go-getters we produce every year is somewhat astounding. And some of them aren’t even old enough to vote yet!

Here’s our pick of the seven best who are currently taking the world by storm.

1. Harry McCann, founder and director of Kid Tech  

Harry McCann is just your average 17 year old; enjoys sports, having fun and running his company that he started two years ago. Yes, that’s right. 15. 

At the age of 15, during his Junior Certificate, he set up his first business Kid Tech. McCann set up Kid Tech with the aim to “teach the next generation tech”. In less than 18 months, he managed to teach over 1,000 kids to code, receiving the support and praises of Norah Casey, Blackberry, Viddyad, and even Stephen Fry.

Now with an array of awards, honours and articles under his belt, his love for tech and for helping others is still going strong, often speaking passionately at various ceremonies and shows around the country. The future’s bright for this one, watch this space.

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2. Sinéad Burke

Sinéad Burke, or Minnie Melange to her loyal followers, is a PhD candidate, a primary school teacher, a broadcaster, the Alternative Miss Ireland emeritus, a blogger, a public speaker and is proud to stand at the height of 3’5” tall. 

She is wildly inspiring, a refreshingly honest speaker and is a humble ambassador for all of those who feel different, not catered for and in all honesty, small. The best thing about her? Despite her being so deadly, she spends her time celebrating OTHER women. 

Her recent stint on The Late Late Show was met with deafening rounds of applause and everyone was left wanting to be her best mate. Follow her on her website to keep up to date with all of her incredibly wonderful doings.

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3. Shane O’Regan, Reality:Check Productions

Shane is a recent graduate of The Gaiety School of Acting and a regular on the Dublin acting circuit. 

He is the artistic director of the newly set up Reality:Check Productions, a Dublin-based production company whose aim is to “create exciting and thought-provoking work through any and every medium”, and basically execute some absolutely life-changing performances.

He’s been noted as one of the best young actors this country has to offer, and what whatever ‘it’ is, he for sure has it. 

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4. Sophie Kavanagh, Personal Trainer

Sophie is a personal trainer in the celeb hangout that is No.17 Personal Training, located on Merrion Square. A trained dancer, Kavanagh admits she fell in love with strength and conditioning training at just 18. 

She has several high profile clients under her belt, which she says is due to her “very results driven” nature, and with her own incredibly toned physique and loyal clientele, you know she’s legit. 

Her exercising mantra focuses on wellbeing in mind and body, as opposed to just looking good, which is exactly the kind of role model young girls are crying out for these days. 

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5. Jack and Theo Kirwan, Sprout & Co

The world, and Dublin in particular, has gone health mad, which has given rise to Sprout & Co (recent winners of Best Newcomer at the Lovin Dublin Restaurant Awards).

Jack and Theo are two Dublin brothers who are, according to them, “married to juice”. Their combined love of food and interest in health drove them to start a business that Dublin was so clearly crying out for.

They’ve since set up shop on Dawson Street and are absolutely clearing up with students and suits alike. These two have turned the whole of the capital onto salads (no mean feat) and seem to be handling everything with the utmost of ease. 

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6. The McGinn Sisters

OPSH launched in 2014 and is run by the McGinn sisters (Jennie, Grace and Sarah) and a workforce of 14 people. OPSH is an online shopping portal that allows you to search for a particular piece of clothing across an array of different shops and to purchase from several shops using only one online account.

It’s getting ready to launch in the UK, and this year was named one of the top 50 digital retail innovations in the UK and Ireland.

And even though these three talented ladies hail from different backgrounds, their ambition is infectious and their ‘family matters’ mentality is something we could all learn from. These three have internationally revolutionised the internet shopping game, and are a prime example of how hard work and passion can go a long way.


7. Anouska Proetta Brandon

Anouska is a long time fashion lover and now full time fashion blogger, on her site Her background in photography, modelling and working in the fashion industry gave her an edge that others dreamed about, which is definitely the reason why her blog has been so successful. 

Her strong work ethic and natural flair for social media is visible from the get-go and her distinctive style and grace is palpable, even through a screen. 

She has recently added a travel section to her blog, in which she showcases some of the world’s most beautiful places. 

As if we weren’t jealous enough.

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