The 12 Funniest Worldwide Tweets Of The Week

"It's crazy that OJ Simpson got away with murder when his lawyers were Ross Geller and Danny Zuko"

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We've started rounding up some of the best tweets of the week as a small gesture to you guys, for making us cackle and spit out our tea at work.

Fortune favours the gas, and you guys are potentially the most gaseous group we've ever come across. 

Don't believe us? Check these guys out...

1. God bless America with @StillOutToGetMe

2. When shopping attacks with @omgDebbie

3. Like, literally with @solomongeorgio

4. Dinner and a show with @iamchrisscott

5. Modern history with @curtis_fhc

6. One track dog with @GrrlGhost

7. Isn't it weird? with @dgahk

8. Proper order with @acciofollowersx

9. Plot twist with @chunkbardey

10. Copyright with @Jfarrers

11. The downside of celebrity with @sruoloc

12. Common courtesy with @scootertooter7

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