Here Are The 12 Most Irish Things To Happen This Week

"Tis yeah, we had like 100 friend requests on the Facebook there"

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Ireland may once have been known as the land of saints and scholars but really, in recent years, it has become the land of the sound and the gas. 

You guys just keep the good stuff coming, each and every week. In the latest instalment of The Most Irish Things To Happen This Week, we have bathrobes, goat kings, and incomprehensible accents. 


1. The O'Donovan brothers' mother warning off young ones

Protecting her brood like only an Irish mammy could. 

o donovan

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2. This classic example of an Irish Summer

3. The Olympic Council Of Ireland's president Pat Hickey being arrested in Rio

... in a dressing gown.

4. This fine example of fast food

5. This egg-filled vending machine

All aboard the protein eggspress!

6. This brilliant excuse as to why a shop's not open

7. This classic comment after a day of bike-riding

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8. A reminder to respect your elders

9. The crowning of the king at this year's Puck Fair

Everybody goat time for that.

10. Everything about this headline

healy rae

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11. This long-awaited declaration from the Rose of Tralee

Causing the masses to scream "FINALLY" in exaltation.

rose of tralee

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12. And finally, this stellar interview by Ireland's Olympic silver medallists

''He's going on the piss, basically''.

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