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20th Dec 2016

The 12 Most Irish Things To Happen This Week


Irish humour bemuses most, confuses many and baffles few – but it’s what keeps us going on gloomy days in the office. 

We’ve done a round up of some of the best examples of this kind of hilarity, it’s cheered up us rightly so, and we’re hoping that this will do the same for you.

1. Paying it forward with @darachfinnegan

2. This insider view of the average pre drinks

3. This picture of Anne Doyle and Enda Kenny hugging

‘When Irish eyes are smiling’

Screen Shot 2016 05 12 At 12 40 25

Photo cred:

4. Brollies on bikes

If you squint your eyes, it’s almost like he’s swimming.

5. This press release

That we received this week. More information here.

Screen Shot 2016 05 12 At 13 49 09

6. These priorities

7. This

‘Good drying weather’

Ci Amg Oc W0 Ampz Pt

8. This lift home from McDonald’s

‘You going down the road, lad? Deadly, my legs are knackered from peddaling’ 

Cgpm Px Wg Aah Wa2

9. This genuinely 100% serious address

10. This Luas journey

Everything about it.

11. This attention grabbing advertising technique from Dingle Pale Ale

An Ghaeilge, the sexiest of languages.

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12. And this honest ‘mistake’

Sure, Nana. Sure.

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