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20th Dec 2016

The 13 Most Irish Things To Happen This Week


Oh, Ireland. 

While we may be only little, we can surely pack a punch when it comes to humour. Weird, abstract humour that only we get and will never be able to explain to another. The best.

Just take a look at some of the best, funniest and weirdest things we could find this week, to give you the right belly laugh you’ve been craving so much.

1. This Irish miracle

2. This road sign, spotted in Fermanagh

Sure, aren’t they all messers up there. 

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3. This warning sign

Spotted in County Literal.

4. This couple

God, they’ve really gone all out.

5. This note to the youth of today

Spotted in Goatstown, Dublin 14.

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Photo cred:

6. This queue for Teddy’s

And the temperature was only 13°…

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7. Yet another accessorised road sign

Spotted in Russelstown, County Westmeath.

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8. This moment on national television

Poor Ryan. Poor, poor Ryan.

9. This pimped out way to enjoy the weather

Sure aren’t sun loungers only chairs with notions…

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Photo cred: iRadio

10. Guards supervising guards protesting 

It’s like a strange dream…

11. This Luas strikes gag

By the canonised Saint Thomas himself.

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12. This life changing glimpse into the modern day with Foil, Arms and Hog

Oh, subtlety. We hardly knew ye.

13. And finally, this guy eating a 99 on a live RTÉ news report

And man, was he going to town on it.

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