Here Are The 12 Most Irish Things To Happen This Week

Featuring biscuits, road signs and pony pints

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Week in, week out, you guys and your spectacular Irish humour has us in bits.

This week's edition is nothing out of the ordinary, with excellent observations and utterly weird goings-on. Right on Ireland, right on.

Read 'em and guffaw.

1. Paddy Barnes' Twitter profile photo

Tricolour chic. 

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2. Everything about this headline

I mean, what WOULDN'T you do for a good snack box?

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Photo cred:

3. This Ned Kelly hoodie with 'Such Is Life' inscribed on the back

On sale here.

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4. This winning horse being brought into the pub for a celebratory round

5. This sound medical advice

6. Typical

7. This is a valid sign 

Spotted in Kerry. 

8. The father, son and the holy Eevee

9. This 'Mrs Doyle' attitude to life

10. This blind compassion

"Ah ya poor pet".

11. This extremely important national service

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12. And this perfectly reasonable road sign

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