The 13 Most Irish Things To Happen This Week

​"You just kind of let loose to knitted ceol"

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Irish humour is worth its weight in green-coloured gold, and we just can't get enough of it.

You guys nail it week in, week out, and we've decided to broadcast this for the nation to learn a trick or two. 

Stop being so gas, or else we'll never get anything done! (Never stop.)

1. This 'pint station'

''€20 unleaded and a pint of stout, please''.

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2. This sweet note from the Star Wars cast to the people of Kerry

Ah, the dotes.

3. This form of payback

Go on ya good things. 

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4. This clear sign that it's drinking weather


5. This impression of everyone's mum

"Have you cream on?"

6. These alcoholic Twister ice creams

In all their heavenly glory. Full story here.

Twister Gorgeous

7. This sign for a missing Barbie shoe

Spotted in Wicklow.

Iucj Mcel

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8. This highly entertaining phone ad

''You just kind of let loose to knitted ceol''

9. This Dublin graffiti 

Spotted on Thomas Street.

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10. The daily dodgy dealings of the Dublin Bus black market

A good price, in fairness.

11. This no-nonsense warning to drivers

Spotted in Western Way.

12. This doorway to where the magic happens

Ireland is famous for mythical lands, right?

13. And finally, a syllabus we can all agree on

Proper order. #ratsout

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