The 14 Funniest Worldwide Tweets Of The Week

'If Janet Jackson doesn't call her new baby 'Imsorrymiss' then what is the actual point.'

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Twitter brings out the very best in people. 

Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, loud, sassy or even mildly annoying - Twitter is the place where you can rant it all out, with no fear of judgement. 

We encourage this, as we think you're all gas. So, keep 'em coming. You're doing great.

Here's some of the very best this week.

1. Attention woman of the world @bananafitz

2. Is this the end? with @twoandahalfribs

3. Life imitates art with @manplastic

4. Same thing with @johnnnn_d

5. Real talk with @DanielNothing

6. BREAKING with @benfraserlee

7. Wishful thinking with @kathmachine

8. ManusxMachina with @gagaxtaylor

9. Modern music with @DancesWithTamis

10. Perspective is everything with @ThomasSanders

11. Jolly hockeysticks with @samparkercouk

12. The voice within with @deanfluence

13. We live in hope with @Ciara_Knight

14. And finally, peak notions with @kingaintshit_

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