The 14 Funniest Irish Tweets Last Week

The force is strong with these ones

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You guys are gas, we just had to highlight that. 

Here's some of our favourites from the week.

1. This masterpiece by @deevseverything

2. Ingenuity from @samwhatislife

3. This perfection by @craig_g_mo

4. Poetry from @incogellen

5. Recipes with @coogiebearr

6. #goals with @KevBeirne

7. Real talk with @toastykneecaps

8. Hit it on the head with @eoincmacken

9. Struggles with @roisinlogue

10. Comparison with @aoiph

11. Spot on with @valerieloftus

12. Politics with @unknownnouns

13. Work talk with @alan_maguire

14. And finally, keeping it real with @amyohconnor

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