The 14 Best Irish Tweets Of The Week

Twitter is love, Twitter is life, right?

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For those of you who aren't in the know, Twitter is the best place place to get your daily humour fix. And the best part is, is that this fix come from the average person sharing their thoughts.

Irish people are a funny bunch on Twitter, and their efforts haven't gone unnoticed. Behold, the 14 best Irish tweets of the week...

1. The dark side of technology with @JackRFullam

2. Sports with @chrisrdonoghue

3. Ego-watch with @PunLovinLad

4. Bridging the generation gap with @amyohconnor

5. Expectation vs reality with @Harry_Birdboy

6. Falling from grace with @POBHerty

7. Priorities with @EoinKeane101

8. Life imitating art with @GerryMcBride

9. OMG what are you like? with @mormonhouse

10. Real talk with @andgoseek

11. Modern families with @zozimus

12. The important questions with @1916forever

13. Self-restraint with @AidanCoughlan

14. And finally, peak Ireland with @HateChrisGreene

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