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20th Dec 2016

The Irish Ranger Wing Look Seriously Badass In Their Latest Operation


The Irish Army Ranger Wing has just released this video showing an operation they ran yesterday in the Irish sea taking over a ferry. 

Before everybody freaks out, don’t worry, they were just in training mode, but it’s good to know these guys and girls are out there protecting us should we ever need them.

As they say themselves.

The Defence Forces conducted its most complex exercise of capability in the Irish Sea yesterday.

The Army Ranger Wing successfully deployed assault team elements by sea and by air on to the Stena Superfast Ferry before securing the vessel as it approached Dublin Port. LÉ James Joyce and the Air Corps CASA were used to locate, track and provide surveillance of the Ferry. ARW assault teams simultaneously boarded the Ferry from AW139 Helicopters and Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats before securing the vessel.

The joint operations exercise was led by the Defence Forces Special Operations Task Group (The Army Ranger Wing) and supported by the Air Corps and Naval Service with a Defence Forces HQ Command and Control (C2) element.

The Special Operations Forces led scenario exercised the command and control, communications, intelligence and surveillance gathering capabilities of the Defence Forces.

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