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07th Jul 2017

12 Things We Miss About Being A Teenager

Rebecca Stafford

Remember back being a teenager and your only problem in the whole world was wondering why your crush doesn’t like you back?

Ahh, take us back to those simpler times, plz.

Here’s a little throwback to reminisce on what we miss most about those glorious teen years.

1. Not Having Any Responsibilities

Being a teenager, your only responsibility was to keep your room clean and do well in school, but now being an adult you have to pay bills and work. Ugh.

Responsibilities? Who’s she? I don’t know her.

2. Eating Whatever You Want

As a teenager, you got to eat whatever you wanted whenever you wanted and didn’t have to worry about calories. Take us back to beach bod ’06.

3. Getting Lifts Everywhere

Having a personal chauffeur is yet another thing we miss so dearly, having your parents pick you up and drop you off, and for free! 

Taxis are a luxury we can’t afford.

4. Summer Hols

The summer holidays were filled with hanging out with your friends on the green, getting some ice cream and playing football, whereas now you’re stuck with responsibilities and work all year round. Tragic.

5. Seeing Your Friends Every Day

Being a teen you got to see your darling friends every single day because you all had nothing better to do than to hang out.

Now you’re lucky if you even see your pal once a week.

6. Sick Days 

Sick days being teenagers vs. being an adult are so different. 

When you’re an adult it requires you to actually get sick whereas back when you’re a teen you could’ve sneezed five times in a row and convince your mam that you should have the day off.

7. Freetime 

Having all the time in the world to do whatever you want whenever you want – even though you had limited money, chilling with friends and doing nothing was always an option.

8. Mammy Fixes All Your Problems

Remember the good old year where you’d fall and cut open some part of your body and the only thing that could fix it was a chocolate bar and your mammy, now you have to deal with your own problems on your own. 

How do we cope?

9. Sleeping In

If there’s one thing everybody misses, it’s sleeping in – consequence free.

Alarms are the feckin’ bane of our lives. We hate you snooze button, we hate you.

10. Finishing school at 3pm

Not only did you get to see your best pals every day, but your day finished at three o’clock- bliss. In the big person’s world you have to work from 9-5. 

I just want to go home and sleep.

11. Inside Jokes

Okay so adults have insides jokes, but do you remember the crazy elaborate insides jokes that needed code names and took hours to create?

12. Fangirling

Being an adult you’re expected to ‘act your age’ but as a teen you can scream and cry over celebrities dropping new albums.

We’ll never get those years back.

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