This 'Does The Dog Die?' Website Will Save You A Lot Of Heartbreak


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Did you cry your little heart out at Marley & Me? 

Yep. Us too.

Just how can anyone watch that? We can't be the only one. There's gotta be another way...

And now, there is!

Introducing doggie lovers' new favourite website - Does The Dog Die?

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While the name may seem like the most morbid and morose thing you've ever read, it's actually wildly informative and immensely comforting. 

The website itself lists thousands upon thousands of films, and upon typing one in, you find out whether the dog survives the whole movie. 


It even has a rating system, showing you exactly what to expect with regards to canine companionship. And, it gives you the option to add your own rating to continue spreading the puppy love, but more importantly, to save you some heartache.

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Ahh, finally we can rest at night knowing someone, somewhere is looking out for us. What a time to be alive!

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