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20th Dec 2016

This Is A Pizza Box That’s Actually MADE OUT OF Pizza – And Naturally, We’re Losing Our Minds


Have you ever thought to yourself: God this pizza box is so superfluous and cumbersome, it’s simply standing in the way of my dinner and me. There’s gotta be a another way.

No? Well, neither have we. But now we are!

Someone who did have this thought originally was the owner of Brooklyn pizzeria Vinnie’s co-owner, Sean Berthiaume. 

He told Thrillist:

“I was inspired by when people ask for a box and then just sit down and eat the pizza and then just throw the box away, or when I’m walking around see pizza boxes everywhere on the street.”

“It’s made in jest, but at the same time, if people want to order it, people can order it.”

Berthiaume explains how structurally sound the pizza box of our dreams is, and that it’s so much more than just stacking pizzas on top of each other, like some sort of delicious Jenga.

“The actual box itself is like a Sicilian dough and I kind of scoop it out and push it down to form a container,” he said. 

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Vinnie’s is no stranger to pizza publicity.

Last year they created the pizza topped with smaller pieces of pizza (pause for dramatic effect) which literally blew the mind off of their consumers in particular, and America in general

Science has never seemed so… yum.

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