WATCH: A Firework Thrown By 'Fans' Exploded On The Pitch And Knocked This Steward Off His Feet

It happened during the latter stages of the Czech Republic versus Croatia match

Well this is disgraceful.

Amid all the talk of heightened security at Euro 2016, Croatia fans were able to smuggle a number of fireworks into the stadium for their match against the Czech Republic at St Etienne.

Worse still, they threw them on to the pitch – while their team led 2-1 – and one exploded, knocking a steward clean off his feet.

Really frightening scenes – and ones that will leave French authorities with a lot of questions to answer over the coming hours.

The match ended 2-2, after the Czech Republic equalised from the penalty spot in the 93rd minute.

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan