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20th Dec 2016

Watch An Irish One-Shilling Coin From 1939 Get Magically Turned Into A Ring


A company in the USA is turning unused old currency into gorgeous rings that have some real meaning and history behind them.

As you can see in the example below, they’ve turned an old Irish one shilling coin from 1939 into a beautifully designed and wonderfully polished ring. 

You have to love the idea and the history behind each product rather than starting with a bland bit of medal they are creating something that has been handled by people for decades and contains all sorts of history. 

The good news is that you can buy this ring for about €40 on Etsy now along with those made using other country’s currency. 

Check them out here.

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Screen Shot 2016 06 26 At 01 30 17
Screen Shot 2016 06 26 At 01 30 09
Screen Shot 2016 06 26 At 01 29 43