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20th Dec 2016

WATCH: This Is The Tiny Irish Island That’s Welcoming American Refugees


Well, the Irish have always been known as a welcoming bunch…

The tiny island of Inishturk, located off the coast of Mayo, has a population of just 58 people. 

However, these 58 people have rallied together, and are welcoming, with open arms, any American who seeks refuge from the presidency of Donald Trump. 

Because of this, a charming documentary by MEL Films, entitled Make Inishturk Great Again, brings us right to the epicentre of the incredibly sparsely populated island to get the skinny on the locals’ point of view on America, the presidential election, and what Trump has to offer the world.

Shot beautifully, cast with a bunch of eloquent, intelligent people, and with the charm that makes Ireland Ireland – this is quite a watch.  

Bloody well, we’re glad to be from here. 

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