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20th Dec 2016

You Can Program This Furby To Say Or Do Anything – And It’s Horrifying


The famous (or shall we say infamous) Furby toy was known primarily for freaking out the children of the world during the late ’90s. Now it’s back, and it’s worse than ever before.

Lead by a group of roboticists in Poland, the Open FURBY project has turned the fuzzy plaything from a mildly terrifying coo-ing toy, to a fully fledged automaton that anyone with some basic coding skills can arrange to say and do whatever they so wish. 


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There are already several examples online of what you can do with your motorised Furby, including responding to human touch and alerting you to the fact that you’ve received a like on Facebook (important), but all we can say is that we hope that we never, ever come in contact with one of these in a dark alley.

H/T Mental_Floss.

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