You Gotta Be Kitten Me: This Cat Café In Tokyo Has Been Temporarily Closed

Unhygienic conditions the reason for its demise.

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The world famous cat café in Tokyo, Japan has been ordered to shut its doors for the first time ever, due to failed inspections on their part. Diseased and unwell animals had been found living in uninhabitable conditions, with more than two cats per square metre.

Cat cafés, institutions where cat loving customers can sit and drink hot beverages, amidst their feline friends. Starting up in Japan originally, in 1998, cat cafés have become a global phenomenon, with people travelling far and wide to partake in its feline festivities. 

As well as similar establishments popping up in the UK, the US, Russia, France, Germany and a host of other countries.

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However, Neko no Te (the cat’s paw) has supposedly violated several laws when it comes to health and safety, including not keeping cats in cages when not with customers - a key reason as to why so many of its clients have recently grown ill. 

On inspection, 62 cats were found to be living in the 30-square-metre café, despite the owners originally stating that they only roomed 10.

As a result, Neko no Te has been ordered to close its cat friendly doors for 30 whole days, the first punishment of its kind, according to the Japanese government. Japan boasts over 150 cat cafés, and their coffee and cute animal culture doesn't stop there. 

Japan also answers the prayers of many by being the first in the world to have owl cafés, rabbit cafés and even hedgehog cafés within its borders. Let's just hope these guys stay in check, and stay open forever more. 

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