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20th Dec 2016

You Need This Christmas Jumper In Your Life If You’re Doing 12 Pubs With Your Other Half

Alana Laverty

Talk about getting up close and personal… there’d be no escaping your other half in this jumper. 

The couple that do 12 pubs together, stay together <3 Or not. 

Three pubs in and you’d be tearing the jumper apart at the seams to gtf away from one another. But at least get a cute pic out of it.

Screen Shot 2016 11 27 At 14 35 47

Gargle goals. 

Screen Shot 2016 11 27 At 14 49 36
Screen Shot 2016 11 27 At 14 49 44

The two-person geansaí is €29. 33 on ASOS

Now to decide who wears the ‘Naughty’ half and who wears the ‘Nice’ half…

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