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Finding It Hard To Spend Quality Time With Your Family? You’re Not The Only One

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Do you find it tough to spend quality family time with your nearest and dearest? 

We all have busy weeks where it seems like it’s impossible to do anything else with day apart from work and do household shite and basically just boring grown-up things that have lost their novelty too soon.

Now though, it seems as though the lack of free time in our hectic lives is even interfering with how much we’re seeing our family.

New research by Tesco shows that almost half (48%) of parents confessed it was difficult to get their wider family together.

A huge two-thirds believed that precious family time is harder to come by nowadays than the past, and we’d be inclined to agree.

While almost six out of every ten Irish parents saw the upcoming Easter holiday as a special family time, the majority (82%) blame “busier lives” for not allowing family members to get together more, and Tesco are hoping that people will free up some time in April to enjoy family life.

Any excuse not to work so hard eh?

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